• Video version of Præludium (Aftensange) 

    To be published: March 2021
    Performers: NJYD Quartet 
    Camera and editing: Klavs Kehlet 


  • Commission by Alexandra Hallén

    Premiere: 2021

    Alexandra Hallén 

  • Commission by Jakob Bloch Jespersen

    Premiere: 2021

    Video piece in collaboration with singer and performer Jakob Bloch Jespersen and artist and photographer Émile Sadria


  • Commission by KLANG Festival

    Premiere: 30th of may 2021

    Klang Festival 

  • Commission by Ensemble SCENATET

    Premiere: 2022/2023


  • Commission by NJYD Quartet

    Premiere: 2022/2023

    NJYD Quartet

  • Commission by Trio Krumbuktus

    Premiere: 29th of november 2021